and just ignorant enough to be serious


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It's the movie Selma.
Martin Luther King's wife can't stand anymore the threats to her husband via telephone.
And she says,
"They say how they're going to kill my children.
And what they'll do to you and how they'll do it.
How many years have I had to listen to this?
The filth, deranged and twisted
and just ignorant enough to be serious."

I am not so sure of this last part.
So, their ignorance qualifies them to be serious?
That's the idea?

Thank you
  • fiercediva

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    It is ignorance in the sense of being unenlightened, rather than the simpler sense of lacking knowledge. Ignorance is serious, because it is dangerous.

    An ignorant person would kill an innocent child (and did) just to keep people from voting when they were legally entitled to do so.

    An ignorant person would hang a random person of color for entertainment, as though the victim was less than human, because they had more melanin in their skin.