and made their escape


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Hi folks, this is cited from Colonel Jack by Daniel Defoe.
When I read this passage, I am not sure who espaced from who? Can I understand there were more than one ships belonging to French,
and all have escaped but one?

Had we not overshot the port, as above, all our squadron had been destroyed in two days, and all we could have done had been to have gotten into the pier or haven at Leith with the smaller frigates, and have landed the troops and ammunition; but we must have set fire to the men-of-war, for the English squadron was not above twenty-four hours behind us, or thereabout.

Upon this surprise, the French admiral set sail from the north point of the frith where we lay, and crowding away to the north, got the start of the English fleet, and made their escape, with the loss of one ship only, which, being behind the rest, could not get away.
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