and now I have no time for either

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Hello everyone,

From the book Thank You for Being Late by Thomas Friedman:

Mr. Friedman talks about the then St. Louis Park mayor Jeff Jacobs who is famous for his one-liners.

And “Littering has two parents—the guy who dropped it and the guy who walked past it. People here will pick up a Mountain Dew can.” Finally, “I am Republican by birth and a Democrat by choice—and now I have no time for either.”

What does "and now I have no time for either" imply?
I think being aRepublican or Democrat reflects political views and party affiliation, so how can one not have time for his own political views?

Thank you.
  • reno33

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    He means he got disgusted (for some reason) with both parties and now has no interest in party politics at all.


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    It's also possible at that local level he considers them more irrelevant than anything. To do what he wants to do he doesn't need to work along party lines. If he needs something done in the city, he goes straight to the people he thinks can help, regardless of party affiliation. If he has to bring business leaders in, he does that. If he needs non-profit groups to help him, he calls them. If he needs those two groups to work together, he puts them in a room together. It's about "getting things done" instead of taking credit for those things or making it someone else's problem (see the Mountain Dew example above).

    (Mountain Dew is a soft drink.)
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