And now my son is an age where he and I ..

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Hi,there! I have a question about the sentence below. It is what Conan O'Brien said to Matt Damon in an interview.

I'm a massive fan of the Bourne movies . I think we all are.I just absolutely love those movies.
It's really nice cuz I enjoyed them all so much. And now my son is an age where he and I ..
We're rewatching them together and he's seeing them for the first time and he's absolutely hooked.

I don't understand "where "here in this sentence . And why it is "where he and I "instead of "when he and I"?

Thank you so much !
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    This is clearly spoken language; it is quite common to use 'where' in a context like this in informal language. It's like the son has 'reached a place' where they can enjoy the movies together.
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