and off we go

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girl from rio de janeiro

Portuguese (Brazilian)
After having surreptitiously coming back to our place and exchanged some smiles with the colleagues as a way of saying hello and off we go, the real working day starts.
What does "and off we go" mean? Thank you in advance!
  • Franzi

    Senior Member
    (San Francisco) English
    The sentence does not sound like natural English. Where did you find it?

    "Off we go" (off they go, off she goes, etc.) is often used when someone starts a race or starts to drive away or when the rollercoaster they're on starts to move. I'm not sure what exactly it means here.


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    "Off we go" is just a phrase used to mean "here we go" or "we're starting now!" I don't think it's ironic as much as figurative here. The day is about to "take off". The work day is starting. Here we go on the roller coaster ride we call Monday. :)
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