and on and on and onward .. . to the fifteenth century


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Does "and onward .. . to the fifteenth century" refer to "from the 15th century to nowadays (the perfect visions of unreason have never ceased to wreak havoc0"?

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Such perfect visions of unreason have been punctuated by the more ordinary trespasses of faith: daily reports of pious massacres in Iraq, of evangelical ravings against the evils of a secular judiciary, of widespread religious coercion in the U.S. Air Force, of efforts in at least twenty states to redefine science to include supernatural explanations of the origin of life, of devout pharmacists refusing to fill prescriptions for birth control, of movie theaters refusing to show documentaries that report the actual age of the earth, and on and on and onward .. . to the fifteenth century.

-Sam Harris' The End of Faith
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    I think it means that these things keep occurring and we are heading toward a situation similar to that of the fifteenth century. In other words we are regressing.
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