"And one still got the ability to switch the TV off..."

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  1. Hello,

    maybe you remember me from the last time I've written here, but I think not. It's a while ago.
    Well, this time I've got almost the same problem like in my last post... I've sat an exam at English (I'm german, by the way) again and my teacher marked me (like the last time) some mistakes I can't comprehend.

    As he seems to be kind of incompetent I'm asking you for help, although I know that he won't ever change his opinion, even when about ten native speakers say it's wrong. (It was the same last time. I've written the sentence "And most of the things he is charged with he didn't do" and asked here whether it's correct. I told him that like ten Americans say that my sentence is right and he just answered something like "Yeah, but those people can't speak English properly") You see, it's just wasted time.

    So I'm asking you, because I want to know whether the following sentence is really incorrect. It's sad that I can't trust my teacher anymore and he even doesn't admit his mistakes (although making mistakes is humane).

    Here my sentence, with some context:

    "But that TV commercials manipulate the consumer (which is thought by some people) is, in my humble opinion, not true. Everybody is intelligent enough to decide what one wants to buy. And one still got has to switch the TV or radio off or just not to look at posters with advertisement."

    He told me that I have to write "has" instead of "got". But I still think "got" is correct, for it is British English, isn't it?

    By the way, he has given me one mark worse because he doesn't share my opinion in the sentence below.

    Thanks already for your help.
  2. b1947420 Senior Member

    I agree with your teacher here. "Has" is correct.

    However you should be aware that there are sometimes significant differences between American and British English, I am using British English.
  3. nesnej Member

    English, Canada
    While it may be a common thing to hear in North America, it is not considered correct; it is considered to be slang. Personally I always use "has" in written and spoken language.
  4. But why is "got" wrong? I still can't understand it...

    I know that there are differences. But we just mix AE and BE in school, since nobody tells us them (which is another great thing).
  5. Ah okay, I didn't know it is slang. That explains everything.

    Thank you.
  6. JamesM

    JamesM modo no mas :)

    I would use "has" in American English as well. Actually, I would have put "one still has (the ability to switch off / the option of switching off). "One still has to switch off the TV" means, to me, that one must switch off the TV, not that one has the option.

    The only equivalent I can think of in AE is "one's still got to switch off the TV", which stands for "one has still got to", but anyone using "got to" wouldn't also be using "one". :) It would more likely be "You've still got to switch off the TV..."
  7. GreenWhiteBlue

    GreenWhiteBlue Senior Member

    The City of New York
    USA - English
    The most correct form is "has to". One will also hear "has got to" -- but even there, the word "has" still appears. To use "got" all by itself, with no "has", is simply wrong.

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