And seven Doctor Whos later, you totally came through.


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"The Flash" Season 4, episode 5

Quotes from "The Flash: Girls Night Out"

Joanie Horton: I can't believe you're gonna be a mom again.

Cecile Horton: I know, well, you always wanted a sibling.

Joanie Horton: And seven Doctor Whos later, you totally came through.

(they laughed.)

Joe West: You're a "Doctor Who" fan, Joanie?

Joanie Horton: Well, ever since he became a lady, I am. Hashtag Feminism.

Cecile Horton is Joanie's mother. Cecile got pregnant. They're watching a sonogram of her baby.

I can't understand the cultural context in their conversation.

I don't know why they laughed.

Does "seven Doctor Whos" mean "seven episodes of Doctor who" and seven weeks?

What does "came through" mean?

Thank you.
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    It means seven different actors have taken the role. Dr Who has been running for decades and the lead actor has changed every few years.

    This is in indirect way of saying the pregnant woman has waited a very long time. From this evidence alone I’d assume this was an accidental pregnancy!
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