And so began a sequence of twists and turns

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Falafel died on February 14th
in exchange for guarding it for him, Russian Paul agreed to give him $2 a day to buy more falafel, at least. So Falafel he became. Since no one, not even his mother, called him Matvey, this was fine. And so began a sequence of twists and turns, losses and wins, that culminated in 2007 with his crowning by his peers, the Giants of Backgammon, as a genius, and the best backgammon player in the world.

context: Falafel, the renowned backgammon champion, was kicked out of his mom's house in his younger. He left without anything except an extra hoodie or two, a chessboard and a chess clock, as well as his talent in the chess game. He didn't find an apartment to lodge in the Big Apple; instead, he slept near a chess table, where he first met the Russian Paul, the owner of that table, who brought him food every day over the time he was down and out.

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How can I analyze the grammatical construction of the phrase in bold? Can "so" be a subject? Thanks
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