and sometimes 'swap' children at dinner


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Please give me the meaning or idea of "swap" in the following text:

"The phenomenon known as B. Gates has roots in childhood summers on this lazy canal, where eight or nine families would take over a rustic stretch of shoreline and play games, host parties and sometimes swap children at dinner. They dubbed the place Camp Cheerio."

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    Have you checked the dictionary definition of swap, rafeo?

    They exchanged children; the children from one household would eat with another family, and the children from that family would eat with the adults in the first family.

    Actually, that doesn't make so much sense to me. It seems more likely that arrangements would be made so that the children could eat with their friends, some with the adults in one house, some with the adults in another. But I wasn't there, and perhaps I am wrong.


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    Sorry about that - didn't notice. In any case I wish rafeo welcome to the forum (in English of course)!
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