And that's where the axe fell

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Hi, everyone

This is from <My Voice Will Go With You> by Sidney Rogen.

A little girl grabbed mommy's newspaper and threw it.
And the father wanted to discipline her.
I don't get what "And that's where the axe fell." mean here.

And that lasted four hours. She kicked and struggled. ... At the end of four hours, she knew that she was the loser and she said, "I pick up the paper and give it to Mommy." And that's where the axe fell. I said, "You don't has to."
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    Sisse nar,

    Please note that the author is "Sidney Rosen"

    The little girl has been refusing to obey her parents but after hours of trying to resist having to obey, she eventually says she will:

    "And that's where the axe fell." -> And that is the point at which things changed.
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