and the enabler that he has here in Andy Beshear


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I cannot understand the phrase below "and the enabler that he has here in Andy Beshear.”

Below sentences are from The Economist regarding Kentucky’s politics and its state election.

That is why Daniel Cameron, the current state attorney-general and Republican challenger to Mr Beshear, is trying his utmost to link the relatively popular Democratic governor to the deeply unpopular Democratic president. He argues that the economy is hardly as Mr Beshear presents it. “The median household income has dropped 12%…and we have the lowest workforce participation that’s been recorded in Kentucky’s history,” says Mr Cameron after an event in Fort Mitchell, near the border with Ohio. “That’s all because of the Biden administration and the enabler that he has here in Andy Beshear.”
<Why Kentucky’s Democratic governor is heading for re-election>

Who is "he"?
What is enabler??? the person who can make something happen....???
enabler = Andy Besher ??? Joe Biden ??? Daniel Cameron ????
here = Fort Mitchell?? or Kentucky state??

Please help me to understand this difficult sentence for me.

  • Hello. It means, roughly, that Andy Beshear supports the Biden administration and economic policies that Daniel Cameron doesn't approve of.

    In that context, an enabler is somebody who enables another person to do stupid or harmful things.
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    It seems the enabler is not clearly suggested.
    "an enabler" suggests person who did stupid or harmful things in Kentucky state.

    Then, who is "he" mentioned above?
    he =
    1. Joe Biden
    2. Andy Beshear
    3. Daniel Cameron
    4. an enabler
    5. other


    Thank you. Then my understanding is,,,,,(paraphrasing),,,

    “That’s all because of the Biden administration and the enabler whom Biden has sent to Kentucky here in Andy Beshear.”
    “That’s all because of the Biden administration and the enabler whom Biden has appointed in Kentucky in Andy Beshear.”

    Am I correct?
    Correct me if I am wrong.

    Am I correct?
    Biden did not send Andy Beshear to Kentucky. Biden did not appoint Beshear. Instead, Beshear was elected to the office of governor by voters. If you want to read more about him, here is a link to an article in Wikipedia: Andy Beshear

    The main thing that Biden and Beshear have in common is that they are both Democrats. If Beshear supports Biden's economic policies, he probably does so because he and Biden share similar political beliefs.
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    Yes, governors in the U.S. are elected directly by the people. The people of Kentucky elected Andy Beshear. But since Beshear is a Democrat, it is natural for him to support the policies of a Democratic president. He is supporting and possibly helping implement those policies. Therefore he (Beshear) is enabling (providing support) for President Biden in Kentucky where he (Beshear) has authority.
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    I should add that that is the accusation being made, linguistically. I don't know if that is true or false because I don't follow Kentucky politics. There is no law that says a Democratic governor has to support all of a Democratic president's policies. He is elected independently and can make his own decisions about what he supports.