and the whole time I'm sweating up a storm

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  1. csicska Senior Member

    Hello. In a youtube video, a rapper Redman is telling a story when he took some acid during one of his shows and when he later jumped into audience and someone from the audience was giving him shocks with a cattle prod but he thought the whole time it was the acid he took that was giving him those shocks.

    Could you please tell me if "to sweat up a storm" means "to sweat profusely/intensely"? Thank you.

    and the whole time I'm sweating up a storm because I'm just feeling this... I'm thinking it's the acid I took...I was like "This shit is some shit!"
  2. london calling Senior Member

    Yes, I take it to mean that too.
  3. csicska Senior Member

    Thank you. Is the construction "sweating + up a storm" or "sweating up + a + storm"?
  4. Orble

    Orble Senior Member

    Hobart Tasmania
    Australian English
    “...up a storm” is the idiom.

    For example,
    “He was cooking up a storm.” means he was cooking some thing amazing/complicated/extensive.
  5. csicska Senior Member

    Thank you

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