And then I'm cleaned up!


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This is from a B-movie, Gone in 60 seconds (the 1974 original one, not the remake with Nicholas Cage ;)).
The charachter has just had a brawl with another member of his car stealing gang. Shortly before, he had been asked for some other reason (unrelated to the quarrel) to give back a car he had stolen.

I'm going to give Eleanor
[the code name of the car] back, but only because of one reason. I know where there's another at the International Towers in Long Beach. And then I'm cleaned up!

I'm not sure I get the sense of it. Is he meaning he will quit the gang ("E poi sono fuori! / Mi chiamo fuori!")? Unfortunately, the plot is not developed any further in the rest of the movie, so I can't verify this interpretation.
Or is he just meaning he will be in peace with himself ("E poi siamo a posto") or is he meaning something else?
As usual, thank you. :)
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    Maybe it is a reference to the phrase "to clean up one's act", which generally means "to cease to undertake activities of a criminal, or (at least) morally doubtful, nature" - colloquially, "to go straight".


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    99.9999999% of the time I MUST agree with Baldpate (because of physical similarities we might have :D), but I just wonder if this one might have a slightly different interpretation - I'm not sure.

    He says he'll give the car to Eleanor, because he knows of another car at the International towers.

    Car thieves often "know" where "high end" cars are located (they don't search randomly) - and I think it might mean he'll give the first one back to Eleanor, and then go a steal another one.

    "Cleaned up" in this case might mean "I'm even with..." "There are no more problems with X because I gave the car back" "There won't be any more debate/fighting" "I have cleaned up my debt" "I've erased my debt" - but as I stated, I not sure.


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    He says he'll give the car to Eleanor, because he knows of another car at the International towers.
    A little correction, Tim: Eleanor is the code name of a 1973 Ford Mustang. So, it's exactly "Eleanor" what he's going to give back to the owner. :)

    Apart from this, the first part was clear and it's exactly as you have said. Your interpretation of the second part is what I had figured. I just thought to ask because the fight with the charachter's friend made me think he could have mean he'd want to leave the gang.

    Thank you both for your help. :)
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