And then there is chicken noodle soup...Every culture makes [one]


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Source: A Spring Chicken Soup With Miso

And then there is chicken noodle soup, a constant comfort, loved by young and old. Every culture makes one and all have their virtues. I was raised on the kind from a can; it came with the territory. But one must grow up, and any lingering nostalgia for canned is easily trumped when a tastier homemade version becomes available.
Hi everyone! I have a question about "one" here. I think it refers to "soup", but "soup" is used as a non-countable noun here. I was told that "one" can only refer to a countable noun. So why "one" is used here?

Thanks in advance.
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    It basically means "one type of". As heypresto says the noun becomes countable in the second sentence. You couldn't do that with something like water of which there is only one type (H2O) unless you have somehow differentiated certain waters:

    "There's regular water and heavy water. Of the two only one has a level of toxicity."
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