And there's little but a huge talent vacuum

Maria Leopoldina

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Olá, pessoal

O trecho acima faz parte do seguinte contexto:

Baby boomers (100 million of them) soon are going to retire from the full-time workforce. And there's little but a huge talent vaccum left in the exiting boomer's wake, with the greatest impact likely to be felt about 2010.

Poderiam ajudar? Tks.

  • tandelol

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    It is a very strange phrase that almost does not make sense. It is saying, "There will be a huge talent vacuum left" (that is: "the existing talent will be gone from the full-time workforce, and it will be very missed").

    Espero que isso ajude um pouco!


    Looking again, it does make more sense than I first thought, though it'd be better to say "There will be little but a huge talent vacuum left". This means: "There will be only a little talent left in the workforce after the Baby Boomers retire; mostly there will just be a talent vacuum".

    Think of a "vacuum" as a "hole".

    I think this could have been said better, by the way.


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    Fica ainda mais fiel ao original assim:

    "E pouco mais resta que um vazio de talento(s) na esteira dos baby-boomers"
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