And thus somewhat modifies



En la frase resaltada en negrita no logro desentrañar dos cosas:

-El uso de "somewhat";
-¿por qué "matter" está en plural y no singular ("matters").

“I have shown that the educated mind relies for most of its knowledge on verbal clues. It follows, then, that its conceptual framework will be develop mostly by listening or speaking, and that its conceptual decisions will usually entail also a decision to understand or use words in a novel fashion. In any case, every use of language to a somewhat unprecedented instance of its subject matter, and thus somewhat modifies both the meaning of language and the structure of our conceptual framework.[1] I implied this already, when I spoke of denotation as an art (p. 81), and likened the lifelong process by which the meaning of words ies established to that by which we interpret and re-interpret our sensory clues (pp. 98-100). These hints can now consolidated and developed, within a fuller analysis of the way in wich the reiteration of linguistic utterances with reference to identifiable occasions carries with it a change of their meaning, each time we either listen to speech or utter it ourselves.

Desde ya, muchas gracias.
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    Hay errores en el texto original, quizás hayas copiado mal o él que habla no es inglés nativo.
    Por ejemplo, 'its conceptual framework will be develop' :cross:.

    De todas maneras, entiendo que 'somewhat' tiene su sentido normal -

    somewhat adv (to a certain extent) de alguna manera loc adv
    en cierto modo loc adv
    Getting the car into the tight parking space was somewhat tricky, but Debbie managed it in the end.
    somewhat adv (slightly) un poco loc adv
    David found riding a bike difficult at first, but it got somewhat easier every tim

    Por favor revisa el texto porque la frase que incluye 'matter' no tiene sentido. O falta algo o hay un error.


    ¡Muchas gracias por la inmediata respuesta! El texto está copiado tal cual, se ve que es un problema de edición.


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    Creo que "matter" no está en plural, es solo que fue utilizado como verbo: "matters". Esto me suena a "nothing else matters" (Metallica♪♪). Así "matters" sería importar/importa/importancia.

    matter (v) be important, be significant (Babylon English Dictionary)


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    'Matter' puede ser un verbo pero 'subject matter' también puede ser sustantivo.
    Tal como está escrito el texto, es imposible saber cuál es la interpretación correcta. :(
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