[and] to absolutely not be coward?

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Hale Chen

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Hi, there. Please read the following sentence written by myself. I was wondering whether [and] is grammatically necessary? Thanks in advance.

He was determined to adhere to his belief, [and] to absolutely not be coward, and not submit to that bang.
  • boozer

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    The sentence is strange. While 'and' is not grammatically necessary, 'a' in front of 'coward' is grammatically necessary. :)

    And then, I think you should be a little more consistent in using the to's:

    He was determined:
    a) to adhere to his belief ( :confused: one usually adheres to more mandatory stuff than mere 'beliefs')
    b) to absolutely not be a coward and
    c) to not submit to that bang ( :confused: whatever that means)


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    English - Southern England
    Or did you mean "not to be cowed" ? ;)

    From the forum dictionary: cow:
    cow2 /kaʊ/ v. [~ + object]
    1. to frighten with threats;
      intimidate: I was cowed into agreeing with the boss.
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