And what about a red-eye to an obscure time zone?

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Just I'm not so sure the whole meaning of the setense.
"Red-eye" means not convenient for passangers night flight.
(red-eye flight)

Is "obscure time zone" it the flight in the dark (in the night)?


"Make the most of your travel time with these tips.

If you’re anything like me, you’re just about as likely to be able to fall asleep on a plane as you are to win the lottery. For a two hour flight, that’s fine. I’ll just stay awake and won’t feel like I’ve wasted too much time. But when we approach 10+ hour territory, not so much. And what about a red-eye to an obscure time zone? Ooh, honey…"

(4 Tips That'll Help You Stay Productive During a Flight)
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    It really doesn't make much logical sense. Your body can't tell the difference between an "obscure" time zone and any other time zone. If you fly 10 hours overnight it's going to have an effect on your body whether you land in London or Bangladesh.
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