and with a kind of surprise

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Hi folks, this is cited from Animal Farm by Orwell.
Context: Animals, after a bloody scene, climbed over a hill looking down to the every part of the farm.

I wonder whether this bold sentence belongs to present time or past time. I am not talking about tense, it is past tense it's ok.
I mean when did they remember this property was their own propert, in the past or present when they look down?

Never had the farm - and with a kind of surprise they remembered that it was their own farm, every inch of it their own property - appeared to the animals so desirable a place.
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    It belongs to the present time. Of course, prior to this time they knew that it was their own farm, but they had sort of forgotten this, or it ceased to be in the forefront of their minds. Seeing it now reminded them that it was theirs.
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