and with a noble army at the helm


One day, a talented lass or fellow
A Special One with face of yellow
Will make the Piece of Resistance found
From its hiding refuge underground
And with a noble army at the helm
This MasterBuilder will thwart The Kragle and save the realm

The Lego Movie

Does this phrase make sense to you? As I understand, it's that man who is in charge of the army, not the army in charge of itself; i.e., it should've been "with this MasterBuilder at the helm".

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    Your interpretation is correct but it is a poem. After "And with a noble army" a comma should be added. Then you have "at the helm this Master builder..."


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    With the comma, the meaning is clearer.
    Nonetheless, the poem means what you have interpreted it to mean.
    With the Master Builder at the helm is correct. The poem is not to be understood that a noble army will steer the course.
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