...and wood (land yielding) 3 swines

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Hello, everybody. I am trying to translate a couple of paragraphs from the Domesday Book and I am at dire straits to understand the meaning of "...and wood /land yielding) 3 swines" in the following sentence: "On the demesne (is) 1 plough and a half, and (there are) 14 villeins and 21 bordars with 3½ ploughs. There (are) 7 acres of meadow, and wood (land yielding) 3 swine." Could someone, please, give me some assistance? Thanks in advance for your kind cooperation.
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    Looking at the quoted sentence, I'd say it means that there is an individual holding of land that consists of 7 acres of meadow and woodland. This property yielded three pigs, which are part of the wealth that the property owner has.

    You may find the glossaries appended to other translations of this book to be useful, Izarzalejo. Perhaps other translators have solved problems related to the meanings of words in this old text.


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    There (are) 7 acres of meadow, and wood (land yielding) 3 swine."
    There (are) 7 acres of meadow, and woodland that provides 3 swine as payment (assumedly for the permission to farm the land)."

    To yield -transitive. 1. To give in payment, render as due, pay (money, a debt, tribute, tax, etc.). Obsolete.
    5.a. To give (something) in return for something received; to render, return (a benefit or injury, etc.); Obsolete.

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