1. Antartic Senior Member

    ¿Cuál es la mejor traducción para puedo andar a caballo / en bicicleta, cuando hablamos en términos generales, es decir, de la habilidad para andar a caballo?

    I can ride a horse. o
    I can ride horses.

    I can ride a bicycle. o
    I can ride bicycles
  2. fenixpollo

    fenixpollo moderator

    American English
    Las dos formas son correctas, pero se escucha la primera, sobre todo. No sé por qué. :confused:

  3. VenusEnvy

    VenusEnvy Senior Member

    Maryland, USA
    English, United States
    Cuando hablo de saber andar a caballo en general, digo lo siguientes:
    I used to ride horses.
    I know how to ride horses.

    Así que:
    I can ride horses.

    Pero, he oído el otro también. Creo que depende a la persona, ¿no? ¿Hay un angloparlante lo que conozca una regla para esto? :confused:
  4. Antartic Senior Member

    Hmm It seems to be a little tricky, if we google: (or google it?)
    I can ride horses -> 344
    I can ride a horse -> 880

    ¿Hay un angloparlante que conozca una regla para esto? You don't use lo here Venus.
  5. Masood

    Masood Senior Member

    Leicester, England
    British English
    I think the plural form: I can ride horses/bicycles might imply you can ride more than one horse/bicycle at a time. Unless you're a circus acrobat , I doubt that this is true. ;)
  6. fenixpollo

    fenixpollo moderator

    American English
    I think that's splitting hairs a little, Masood. I don't think that people would understand you to be saying that you can ride multiple horses/bicycles unless they were very sarcastic individuals. :rolleyes:
  7. Isolde Senior Member

    Peru Spanish

    I do agree with you, even though it is a bit too specific these days. I would say that if you use the plural the sentence has to continue.


    I can ride horses that are known to behave wildly.

    I can ride bicycles without brakes.

    But really, it is much of a muchness....

  8. MJDGehri New Member

    San Antonio Texas
    USA English
    From a long-time anglohablante...because you all asked for one.
    They are interchangeable and no one would bat an eye if you used either. (I hope that doesn't generate a new thread!) My personal preference is, "I can ride a horse." It really depends on how the issue is raised. If someone asks me, "Can you ride horses," I'd probably say, "Sure, I can ride horses."
  9. panjandrum

    panjandrum Occasional Moderator

    Belfast, Ireland
    English-Ireland (top end)
    Normally the need to say something like "I can ride..." would follow a question like "Can you ride...".
    Normally the question would be asked in a context where it was obvious what might be ridden, and certainly if they were horses, the question would be "Can you ride?" the horse being understood:) The answer, of course, is "Yes":D

    If they were bicycles, the question would be "Can you ride a bicycle?". The answer would be "Yes." or "No.".

    The sentence "I can ride a bicycle", while perfectly correct, probably occurs only in school textbooks:)
  10. la analfabeta Member

    OK, USA
    México, Spanish
    Es muy simple, si estas hablando de tu habilidad de poder montar un caballo y andar en bici se toma la forma singluar

    I can ride a horse/bike
  11. jacinta Senior Member

    USA English
    Quiero entender si hay una diferencia entre andar y montar, hablando de caballos y bicis. Uso los dos verbos sin distinguir la diferencia.
  12. Antartic Senior Member

    Supongo que (nuevamente) dependerá del pais, ahora en lo que a mi respecta, uso andar para los dos, diría que es lo más natural, montar es lo mismo solo que me suena un poco stilted.
  13. Henrik Larsson Banned

    Yo nunca usaría "andar" para hablar de bicis y caballos. Usaría montar (ride) o ir (go).

    Ir en bici :tick:
    Montar en bici :tick:
    Ir a caballo :tick:
    Montar a caballo :tick:
    Andar en bici :cross:
    Andar a caballo :cross:

    Ese es mi punto de vista...
  14. Ivy29 Banned


    Would it be better to say : To ride on a bike/on a horse.?
    Or ride off/away acroos the marshes. ( for horses)
  15. Jeff_H New Member

    You can also say "I ride horses" which means that you know how to ride horses and that you do it regularly.
  16. JitterJive Senior Member

    Bremerton, Washington
    USA English
    I can ride horses. Esta frase insinúa que puedo andar/montar un caballo de cualquiera clase.
    I can ride a horse. Esta frase significa que puedo andar/montar un caballo pero el caballo no ha sido especificado.
  17. Antartic Senior Member

    Do you mean something like this: I can ride ponies, race horses, 'normal' horses, wild horses, etc.?

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