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Southern Italy; Italian
Hi everybody!
I'm translating the sentence:
"La funzione richiesta non può essere eseguita in questo momento in quanto il programma da richiamare andrebbe in errore".
It is a software message. I have problems to translate the expression "andare in errore". I know that it means that an error would occur in the program", but I'm not sure about my translation...
Have you got any suggestions?
This is my attempt:
"The required function cannot be carried out at the moment as an error would occur while starting the program."
Maybe the meaning is slightly different...but do you think it may be fine?
Thanks a lot.
  • Benzene

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    Ciao stellina06!

    Il mio suggerimento è il seguente:

    "The requested function [subroutine] cannot now run since [because] the program to be opened would produce a bug".




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    A me sembra che la frase sia sbagliata gia' in italiano.

    "La funzione richiesta non può essere eseguita in questo momento" mi sembra piu' che sufficiente, e' chiaro che se l'operazione e' illegale causerebbe poi un errore :)
    Dal punto di vista dell'operatore (che e' la persona che poi usa il software) sarebbe invece piu' interessante sapere il "perche'", in questo momento, tale operazione sia illegale, e cosa occorre fare per rimediare (semplicemente aspettare, o prendere altre azioni)
    Un messaggio piu' "user friendly" per esempio potrebbe essere "The program is busy at this moment and the requested operation cannot be executed, try it again later" oppure "The requested operation cannot be perfomed at the moment because of this, please do this and that"

    Altrimenti, la tua traduzione va bene.

    Sorry for the long post, I am a software architect and I always struggle to find "good" messages for the user, it is not that easy.


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    Southern Italy; Italian
    Thank you to everybody!!
    I really like the verb "to restart" for "richiamare" the program
    As for the Italian... Yes, Msraf, you are definitely right: the whole sentence sounds odd in Italian as well...and, believe me, it is not the only one in the software I am translating at the moment (it's ECON400, an accounting program, you may be have heard of it if you work in the IT field). Unfortunately, I cannot change the message, though yours would be much more obvious... I would try to change my colleagues way of writing, instead! :eek:)
    Thanks again to all of you for your great help and useful suggestions and have a good day!