andava velocissimamente da nessuna parte

I understand the meaning of this phrase but am struggling to find a good English translation for it.
Here is the sentence in it's context...
"Il 6 luglio del 1998, tre giorni prima edlla nostra partenza per la Cina, che, al solito, avremmo girato rigorosamente con un solo bagaglio a mano per uno (perché lei andava sempre di fretta e perfino aspettare mezz'ora in più in aereoporto l'arrivo delle valigie sembrava toglierle del tempo prezioso- che poi prezioso per fare che cosa, nemmeno sapeva dirlo: andava velovissimamente da nessuna parte, lei)

That last phrase is what I am having problems with.
My translation of the extract is...
July 1998, three days before we left for China, which, like usual, we were going to travel around on a strict schedule with just a carry on each (because she was always in a rush and even waiting half an hour more at the airport for the suitcases to arrive seemed like wasting precious time- but then precious time to do what, she couldn’t even say: she could rush from nowhere, that girl.)

Could anybody offer me a closer English translation for that?
  • Thankyou! I think actually the translation 'she was going nowhere fast' would be perfect as the next sentence is 'Amanda mi lascia' and so the holiday never actually took place.
    Thanks a lot!
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