anderen frech Paroli bieten


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Hi again!
How can I translate the following in red:

Ist es fuer dich leichter, vor Scham zu erroeten, als anderen frech Paroli zu bieten?

Dou you become more easely red with shame than telling somebody what he or she deserves?

Could yuo also explain the origin of this idiom? I am quite curious about it because Paroli sounds like an Italian word.

Thanks in advance!
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    "Paroli bieten" means to offer resistance - it is, according to Wiki, derived from a card game.

    The German sentence at least to me sounds a little bit awkward ("leichter sein" look odd to me in this context); I guess the intended meaning is:

    What is easier for you (or) what would be most likely your reaction (or) how would you typically react (in this situation), to become red with shame, or to give back as cheeky as you can?

    As you see by the three options I gave I am not at all sure about the exact meaning of the German sentence; probably context could help.


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    Thanks for your reply!
    I think leichter could be meant as easily, at first i.e. which reaction you show as first istance, shame or frech Paroli (resistance)?

    Thanks also for Wiki link, so I guess Paroli is a French word.


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    Thanks also for Wiki link, so I guess Paroli is a French word.
    It is not entirely clear but probably of Italian origin and entered German through French. From the verb parare: Ich pariere es (de) = I ward it off (en) = lo paro (it) > parolo > paroli (plural where parolo is transformed into a noun).


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    Hi drudi,
    you should use the word "blush" in this sentence.....not "to become red"

    You find it easier to blush,than to challenge others with your wit
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