ando perdido (andar + participio)

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    Podria alguien ayudarme con la traducccion de la construccion andar mas participio de pasado en los casos tales como :

    Ando perdido
    Anda obsesioonada

    La unica traduccion que a mi se me ocurre es con el verbo ser

    I am lost
    She is obsessed

    Hay alguna manera de traducir las frases que le anada algun otro matiz?
  2. kayokid

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  3. ayuda?

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    Ando perdido: [I am lost/I am still lost]
    Anda obsesionada: [She is obsessed/ She is still obsessed]

    Like kayokid said, I think I am lost is good.
    In addition, verbs like seguir/ir/andar and continuar can also express the idea “to continue (to be/do something)” and can also be translated by still: Ando…/ I am still…with the participle used like an adjective.
    That depends on the whole context and whether is evident that someone continues to be obsessed.
    Kayokid’s reference is really good and shows many matices of this kind of structure.

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