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  1. 328ifun New Member

    I've been wondering where the origin of my last name is derived from. I've been told by a few people that it is polish, any ideas?
  2. ChipMacShmon

    ChipMacShmon Senior Member

    j. polski
    Andriechack may be anglicized version of Polish: Andryszak, Andrysiak, Andryczak (phonetically closest to your last name). Most probably above mentioned last names are related to Polish given name Andrzej translated to English as Andrew --> so I think that Andrews is the counterpart of Andriechack.
  3. LucioDaMusk Member

    Poland : Wrocław
    polski - uproszczony :)
    Yes, it could be polish, from Andrzejczak most likely.
  4. ChipMacShmon

    ChipMacShmon Senior Member

    j. polski
    Your proposal seems better.
  5. BezierCurve Senior Member

    Another possibility (less probable though) would be Andrzejczuk.
  6. dreamlike

    dreamlike Senior Member

    This sounds like an americanized version of the surname 'Andrzejczak' to me, but I may very well be mistaken. There's no telling as to what it specifically derives from without more context. Is there anything more you know about it, the original surname 'Andriechack' I mean? On reflection, it could well derive from Russian.
  7. Ben Jamin Senior Member

    You mean Polish, yeah?

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