Andy was green, not cocky

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    Hello everyone,

    From the book (on ice hockey) 99: Stories of the Game by Wayne Gretzky:

    Wayne talks about goalie Andy Moog.

    "Dick Irvin asked to interview Andy after the game. Dick said, “Andy, are you unhappy you didn’t receive a star tonight?” Andy was green, not cocky, when he answered, “Well, maybe I’ll get one tomorrow night.” And sure enough he had forty stops the next night. We won 3–1 and he got his star. The headline in the Montreal paper the next day was “Andy Who?”"

    I think that "cocky" means overly self-confident, but what's the meaning of "green"?
    Does it mean inexperienced? If so, what's the point of this phrase "was green, not cocky" - green as opposed to cocky?

    Thank you.
  2. Keith Bradford

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    Yes; he was innocent, not arrogant.
  3. Michael30000 Senior Member

    Thank you, Keith.
  4. Barque Senior Member

    It's in the WR dictionary.

    green: immature in age or judgment; inexperienced: green recruits.
  5. Michael30000 Senior Member

    Thank you, Barque.

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