I had a written discussion with an America person who used the word "aneixty". The first time he wrote it I thought it was a typo, and then my mind immediatly turned the word into "anxiety" when he used it again. But as I re-read the discussion I realized he used it several time so it was not a typo. He also wrote the adjective "anioxus".

I assume it has a rather similar meaning to "anxiety", maybe a milder form of anxiety, I don't know, or maybe it's just an incorrect form used by young people. When I google these words Google tries to correct it and search "anxiety", but I can still find a few results for "aneixty".

Could someone explain the difference between "anxiety" and "aneixty", if the meaning is different or if only the register is.

Thank you very much
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    That's what I thought but he used "anxiety" as well in other conversations so I'm confused and he doesn't make mistakes except that word.


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    It is not a word. It is not used by young people, old people or any people. Probably the person types very quickly and makes this sort of mistake.