Anger management; alcohol and drug education

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  1. Llyana Member

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    Comment dirais-je:

    'Other ideas that have been used in the past include anger management classes and drugs and alcohol education'


    FRENFR Senior Member

    I'm afraid you have to give your own try around here....then people can help :)
  3. Llyana Member

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    Hmm.. well i've got as far as
    Autres idées utilisées dans le passé inclurent...
    But i'm absolutely stuck on 'anger management' - gestion de la couleur? l'éducation sur la drogue et l'alcool.
    Any help?
  4. RuK Senior Member

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    gestion de la colère, perhaps.

    FRENFR Senior Member

    la maîtrise de la colère = anger management...

    D'autres idées qui ont été utilisées dans le passé incluent les cours de maîtrise de la colère et l'information sur les effets des drogues et de l'alcool.

  6. Llyana Member

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    Merci merci! :) :) :)
  7. Cath.S.

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    Ma version :

    Au nombre des autres idées déjà testées, des cours de gestion de la colère et des séances d'information sur les drogues et l'alcool.
  8. Viola_ Senior Member

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    education here would rather be in french: sensibilisation
    I'd suggest: campagne de sensibilisation sur l'utilisation des drogues....
    as for classes, I'd suggest: programmes or services
    I'd go for: programme de gestion de comportement (without specifying anger) in french it's a general term 'problème de comportement' that refers to different kind of problems, whether it is anger, discipline, aggressivity, etc.
    hope this helps

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