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    I hope you have a great day. May I mean the title as " to turn her head in left or right"?

    "As soon as she'd{a female dog} get in{the car}, she would acquire a regal air, angling her expression and smiling graciously right and left."

    It's part of Inheritance of Loss, a novel by Kiran Desai.

    Many thanks.
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    Hi Maryam

    I'd interpret it as "tilting her head to one side" - like this or this.
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    Hi, Loob. Thank your, dear.
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    I admit that dogs (like the HMV dog) typically tilt their heads, particularly to get a better sense of the direction from which a sound is coming. My brother's dog does it when a strange sound comes from another room in the house.

    Nevertheless I understand angle here in this different sense (meaning 4 in the OED):
    4.trans. Esp. in journalism: to present (a story, description, subject of inquiry, etc.) so as to reflect a particular viewpoint, address a particular readership, etc.
    Accordingly, I don't think she set her face (or any other part of her body) at a particular angle, but she set her facial expression to achieve a desired effect among her public.
    Examples from the OED
    1944 Times Rec. (Troy, N.Y.) 17 Feb. 14/7 His Communists would have angled the story to convey the idea that here was an outrageous brawl.
    1951 M. Dickens My Turn to make Tea ii. 13 You‥almost never see the proprietor, although you feel his presence, because you have to angle your writing his way.
    1959 C. MacInnes Absolute Beginners 132 The leader columns are angled at the more intelligent portions of the population.
    2007 Scotsman (Nexis) 9 June 22 Black Watch [sc. a radio drama] is angled from the point of view of young squaddies embroiled in the ‘war on terror’.
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