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Is anybody familiar with the language Anglo-Saxon? it's an old language and i just picked up the poem (well more of a book) called Beuwulf and it is written in Anglo-Saxon and is translated on the other page, like

Page1: | Page 2:

Anglo-Saxon | English

i would be very much interested in learning this language if anybody could speak it (it speams VERY hard!)Moderator edit: personal details removed. Please see forum Rules.

also, here isjust a short few sentances from the book just to give you an idea on what this is:

Hwæt we Gar-Dena in gear-dagum..etc i can't even put the ext up there, and the a in gar-dena and gear-dagum both have - above them oh and in the e in we
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    An interlinear Beowulf translation can be found here to one's heart's content.

    A good guide to Old English is Introduction to Old English (Oxford: Blackwell, 2003), for which there exists an online version. I assure you, however, the book has little to do with Old English for communicative purposes.