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Hello all,

I would like to translate the word Anglosphere, which mirrors the terms Sinosphere and Indosphere, all of them appeared in the mid 90ies. Although the latter two convey both the full meaning of culture, the Anglosphere carries out the idea of language, and to a lesser extent the idea of culture in certain fields (ie. business).

Samanthalee said:
Depending on context, the term "Sinosphere" can be translated as 汉语圈, 中华文化圈, or 华人世界. The first term has emphasis on the language aspect, the second on the cultural aspect and the last on the social aspect.

I have never used the term Anglosphere and never heard it used in a Mandarin conversation. The Chinese usually refer to anything Caucasian as "The Western ~" (西方人,西方文化,西方世界)
In fact, I've never heard of that term either until a few days ago, probably because another term exists already and has approximately the same meaning, the Anglo-Saxons, which we use a lot in my mother language when required.
According to Sam's quote, should it be 英圈 or something? This is a very useful concept when it comes to business culture, and I'm now wondering how to express it in Mandarin.

Thanks in advance!
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    I agree with Samanthalee, and maybe 英语圈(英文圈),英语文化圈,will be ok for ”Anglosphere“。
    For “Anglo-Saxons”, in chinese, it is 盎格鲁撒克逊,a translation according to the pronunciation。
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