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  1. Z31 Member

    Hello people,

    I fell upon the next sentences:

    1. I was not angry at the old man.
    2. I was friendly with him.

    The question is: Would it be ok if I said "I was not angry at the old man"?
  2. Latuamacchina Senior Member

    Midwest, USA
    English/Midwest, USA
    Yes, that would be fine.
  3. Melichucha Senior Member

    English - US

    Yes, that's perfectly fine. If you don't mind me helping you out with your phrase
    I fell upon the next sentences:

    Suena mejor si se dice the following sentences en lugar de next.

    Se` que yo tambien me equivoco con tales cosas... :)
  4. Z31 Member

    Melichucha, I'm going to take note about your advice.

    Really thanks everybody!!

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