Animal King Takeover

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Hello there!

There is a part in the game Portal 2, where an automated message begins to inform you what to do if the earth is taken over by an "animal king, sentient cloud, or other entity which is either unwilling or incapable of listening to reason," before the recording becomes too damaged to continue. The voice itself is subtitled in Japanese, but the instructional video is not.

In the lower-left corner, you should be able to see "ANIMAL KING TAKEOVER."

I was wondering what kind of wording would be appropriate for a kind of abstract case like that. Would shite iru be okay? Or is it just "shite" or, for that matter, just "suru."

Would "動物の王は占領してる" work?

Or would it be better if it wasn't a verb at all. Could it be "動物の王に占領?" Is that even close?

Sorry if this is a rudimentary question, and thanks for your time and consideration!
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    Oh, thanks a lot! But I wonder—if you'll excuse me asking—why is it the English phrase, instead of a Japanese equivalent? Has the phrase "Animal King" developed a fixed meaning over there that「動物の王」doesn't carry?


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    It totally depends on the context, but I don't know much about it.
    However, generally speaking, 動物の王 usually means lions, and it is obvious that ordinary lions cannot takeover human society. Therefore, the context is about a fiction, right?
    In that case, 動物の王 sounds less stylish.
    Using the English phrase in Japanese may have the effect that it sounds more stylish for Japanese people.
    So I used ライオンキング.

    If it is a fairly tale for children, I would say, 動物の王様による乗っ取り. The vocabulary used here is more basic and might be easy for kids to understand.

    One more thing, if it mentions about "lions," the idiomatic expression for them is 百獣の王.


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    That's interesting, because we have the exact same idiom in English. The lion is the "king of all animals" or the "king of beasts." And actually, "king of all animals" would NOT have the same feel as "animal king," so I'm very sorry for just assuming that "動物/百獣の王" would sound right.

    I think you are correct that the translation would be "アニマルキング," because—for whatever reason—"Animal King" is trademarked to the company making the announcements.

    And thank you for continuing to engage with me as I pry at your brain. I really appreciate it!

    If it's not too much trouble, it occurs to me to wonder if "けもの王" (ケモノオウ?(ドウブツオウ⁇))would have a closer grammatical feel to "Animal King" than "動物/百獣の王" would? I'm not trying to second-guess your answer, by the way, I just want to learn as much as I can from a single case.
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