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I'm starting a thread about animals in various languages! Hope you all can contribute and feel free to add any that are missing! Is this OK, Venusenvy or any mod in charge??

:) robbie
  • I'm working on the list, but it might take some time! It's very VERY long! I'll attach it tomorrow!

    :) robbie

    PS: che bella nuova foto di te ;) C'È PERFETTO!!!
    Hi Robbie! Great work here! :thumbsup: :)

    I just have a suggestion: why don't we put Latin in the first column? I think it would be easier, because there is only one term in Latin for each animal, whereas in other languages there might be more than one. For example, in the first one, Orycteropus afer, I've found that in English there are two possible names: "aardvark" and "antbear". Same in Spanish and Catalan, for example. So we can have Latin in the first place and add as many lines as we need.

    What do you think?

    "Latin in the first place and add as many lines as we need."

    If you have Excel or Open Office, you can sort the data alphabetically based on any column. You can also rearrange the columns yourself. If you don't know how, PM me. It's really easy.
    I added Spanish and Catalan. Any correction is more than welcome!

    I left it the way it was, as at the end I translated terms from English, as Latin terms were a bit different in my dictionary. I don't know why. :confused:
    I have taken into consideration the tips I have received here and put the Latin part first. I forgot to tell yoy guys the way I categorised their Latin names. Due to the fact that there could be hundreds of different types of the same animal, I chose to organise the list like this: those animals who couldn't be precisely decided to a specific species, would only receive its family name e.g. Homonidae-. I hope that it doesn't make it harder to translate the animals into your languages.

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    :) robbie
    With the help of Cintia&Martine, I have done some changes in the French column (added som feminine forms that change the name of some animals). I added also Dr.Watson's Finnish contribution to the list I altered. I have also added some animal names, so the German and Finnish parts need to be revised (I've already taken care os SP, FR, RO and CA).

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    :) robbie

    PS: dove sei Sabrinita85?? Voglio aver una traduzione in italiano, se tu vuoi. Sperò che non ti ho offeso?!
    Thanks Dr.Watson!!! I'm currently adding my last list of animals to this glossary, so please wait until I'm finished. It will not take long.

    :) robbie
    Added some italian animals. Some are not filled because of my ignorance, so please help me! ^_^'


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    I added the names in Dutch.

    BTW, you don't like fish? ;-)


    Of course I like fish, but being a university student time is of the essence! I'll add a whole list of fish on Friday (THANK GOD FOR FRIDAY:D ).

    :) robbie
    cutu, wouldn't it be better to translate "Goose" into "אווז" instead of "מוס"?
    I never heard of an animal named "מוס", and sure enough, I've checked the dictionary and it also says "אווז". so either it has to be corrected, or I would be glad to learn a better translation.:)

    have a nice day!
    Yes, you are right, Goose - אווז. Sorry for that mistake was really stupid of me :p.

    Anyhow there is an animal called " מוס " and if you look good, its there on the list.
    אייל קורא (שם מדעי: Alces alces; מכונה "אייל אמריקני" או "מוס"), מין יונק מכפיל פרסה יחיד בסוגו (Alces) ממשפחת האיילים והמין הגדול ביותר במשפחה זו.

    conclusion: this animal couldbe called מוס,:tick: but אייל קורא is better.

    הוא ניזון מענפים, גבעולים רכים, ניצנים וקליפות עצים. מכאן גם מקור שמו האנגלי, moose, שפירושו בשפת שבט האתבסקה האינדיאני "אוכל ענפים".

    הציטוטים מוויקיפדיה)העברית)

    look up "alces alces" on wikimedia. pictures of traffic signs are funny:)

    BTW, how can I not mess up the right-to-left writing?

    Espero que aquí se pueda "postear" en castellano (español).
    ¿Son concientes de que hay más de un millón de especies de animales descriptas? Tienen en mente algún tipo de limitación, del tipo "sólo vertebrados". Aún así, nos las tendremos que ver con decenas de miles de nombres. Cualquier duda, consultar "The tree of life",
    hey, this is really great.
    I have a list in excel of more than 500 bird names in at least 4 languages (FR, EN, DE, NL ) and latin. I have first to fix my excel program on my pc and will upload it as soon as possible. May be someone could then do a retrofit based on the latin term with other languages and have a separate file for birds. Same for fish and other classes of animals.

    That kind of lists is something the EU should be doing. It would cost a lot versus al the billions they throw out the windows and would be usefull for millions of people around the world...

    Question that comes to my mind: what will happen with the glossary? Should it not be provided to someone who has an animal/birds site? For birds I knew one in France. It was that person that provided me the original excel file and I double checked/completed several terms. The site is just great! have a look (add 3w before it. Not yet allowed to post plain URL's)
    "" to see the blue tit.

    I have no particular relation the person besides the fact we exhanged some files. He has made that basic glossary some of you would like. We might help him with other languages??
    I have added the names in Portuguese. There seem to be some repetitions in the page, but I didn't try to fix it. Some of the translations I was not sure about.


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    Chinese (Simplified) added partially.
    The list is too long, I got tired.
    Will fill up the rest later. Others are welcome to fill it up too.:)

    By the way, the English for "Hominoide-" should be "Ape" and not "Monkey", but I fear most other translations are based on the English, so I'm not sure whether I should change the English one or the Latin one.

    If there is discrepancy between the Latin and English, I chose to follow the Latin in my translation for Chinese. (Eg. "Equus = horse" in my translation even though the English given is "Ass")


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    Guaraní added partially

    I agree with Samanthalee, the list is too long...

    if anyone knows guaraní... help me please...
    I added only a part (about1/4) in Czech, Japanese and Lithuanian. On the rest I'm (slowly) I can't upload it as kusurija, I'll try as kusurija1.
    So I'm trying it.
    Now I added animals in 3 languages: Czech, Japanese and Lithuanian. In fishes I didn't finished all. The term in English "catfish" is too wide for me, I don't know, how to translate therefore... I thing in future I'll add some more fishes, but I don't know their names in other languages, so tell me, add them or not?