Now I made some restrcturalisationsand added animals(mostly fishes) in 3 languages: Czech, Japanese and Lithuanian (and some more addings). In fishes I didn't finished all. The term in English "catfish" is too wide for me, I don't know, how to translate therefore... I thing in future I'll add some more fishes, but I don't know their names in other languages, so tell me, add them or not?

Some fishes I added anyway...
  • Added some Russian translations and fixed Hebrew section a bit.
    Note: had to ZIP the attachment, it's getting too large indeed.


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    hi, everybody! I'm really interested in the Finnish language. I tried to learned it but it's to difficult to remember all these suffixes (the Genitive Case, the Ellative Case, the Accusative Case etc..) .. besides, the Finnish grammar is the most complex I've ever seen in my whole life! (and I speak more than 5 languages..)
    Can anyone give me an advise how to remember all the suffixes?
    Of course it was not ironical! Since 2008-03-13 I could read no one of attachments, because all of them were or zipped by other programm, than in my PC or other file type, than my PC can read. So thank You once more for attaching that file in .xls format!
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