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Here are a few different examples from a presentation for a luxury design firm. I honestly have no idea what to do with "animation" here. It seems there may be a jargony marketing term (or a few) in English to match... Thanks so much for any help!

- brand strategy: "animation" (for a perfume brand and also for a champagne brand)
- "En prolongeant le voyage à travers la création de tous les outils d’animation." [seems to involve creating very visual packaging]
- "coffrets d’animation" (for a soap brand - again, I suppose very visual packaging)
- Packaging identity: "ANIMATION OFF & ON-TRADE" (for a champagne company's packaging)
- "Réinvention des codes d’animation" (same - for a champagne company's packaging)

The problem is that it is NOT about events organizing or leading/facilitating things, nor about animation in the moving pictures sense. It refers to physical products, and seems to refer to a highly visual component. Unfortunately I can't give you more context than what I provide here, since it involves random lines in a spreadsheet.
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    Just to add details to this frustrating post - "animation" does seem to involve the concept of "retailtainment" and possibly in-store displays in some cases. In case this helps further. Thanks!
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