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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Emma Neve, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. Emma Neve

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    Buongiorno a tutti,

    We use the term "animatore" in Italian to indicate:

    1. a person who is in charge of/deals with the animation in a tourist village;
    2. a young person who organizes a number of recreational activities for kids (eg: during a School Camp etc.). It does not necessarily have to do with Scouts.
    S/he is generally responsible for the kids' security and safety and spend the whole time with the kids, organizes shifts, sets rules etc.

    How would you translate those terms in English?

    Thanks a lot, as usual.

    Ciao, Emma:)
  2. Siberia

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  3. TimLA

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    Ciao Emma,

    This is one of those interesting words that might be translated many ways.

    Program staff (for a specific job)

    But I've seen other translations such as:
    Driving force

    Based on your description I might go with counselor or coordinator, depending on the exact job duties.
  4. GavinW Senior Member

    British English
    I don't think it can be adapted, unfortunately. The definition is different. But do some people still say "animator" for what Emma has in mind?

    I've been looking for ages for a good translation of this term. At a school camp it might be "group leader" or something along the lines of "activity leader" (but that's not a suggestion, as such). But as for animatori at a children's party, I'm still floundering a bit with the English...

    EDIT: did anyone check out the WR dictionary? It has simply "entertainer", which is quite good, but maybe not all-encompassing...
  5. SweetBird Member

    USA english
    While counselor makes sense for example #2, I would use coordinator for the first example given.
  6. Emma Neve

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    Many thanks for your precious, invaluable help!

    :) :) :)
  7. Siberia

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  8. Serabianca

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    What about "animatore didattico"? Would it be "educational facilitator" or perhaps "educational trainer"? I really can't think of a name for this kind of role.
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  9. miri

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    Here you can find different types of recreation workers.
  10. rsb

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