anniversary vs. birthday

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Hi! Can anyone explain me the difference (if there's a difference at all!) between "birthday" and "anniversary"?

Because i read this and i got confused: "for birthdays, he picks up the card and orders the flowers. For anniversaries, he makes the reservations."

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    Birthday is the "anniversary" of the date you were born.

    Anniversary can refer for example to your wedding day or any other date that is important.

    In this context I guess it's about the wedding date.

    Maybe the natives can explain it more clearly.


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    Anniversary without any further qualification is a wedding anniversary.

    Otherwise, it could be anything.
    It could be the anniversary of:
    - the day we met
    - our first date
    - the day we got engaged
    - our separation
    - our divorce.


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    I want to make an invitation for the celebration of the 3rd year since the foundation of an institution. Could I write the following?

    We are glad to invite you to the institution’s 3rd anniversary solemnity.
    Thanks in advance.


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    I think it's obvious that 'anniversary' begins with the Latin word for 'year'. So, it should be used only for marking years. It is all too often used with other times: it's our four-month anniversary, etc. The mistaken phrase is understood by all, but it's still a mistake.

    I understand that this insertion is a bit off-topic, but I felt compelled to add it to the discussion.


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    We are glad to invite you to the institution’s 3rd anniversary solemnity.
    I would say: "We are pleased to invite you to the celebration of the third anniversary of the founding (not foundation) of the institution."


    I was wondering,
    if you want to wish a happy 25th birthday to a person, can you use "happy 25 anniversary" or will that be understood as something totally different, like "happy 25th wedding anniversary"? So ""happy 25th birthday" is te one and only variant?


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    Yes, as stated earlier in the thread, "happy twenty-fifth birthday" is the correct phrase. Anniversary usually means "wedding anniversary" and is never used in English to mean "birthday".
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