Announce, Declare & Proclaim [important news]

Crawford Powell

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-I want to know the difference between (Announce, Declare & Proclaim) in the following sentence:
  • The government announced important news.
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    < --- > . Depending on context, "announced" could be correct in the sentence, but we need the context in order to be sure. < --- >

    < --- > No longer needed. Cagey, moderator.
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    I agree with Florentia that the government would announce important news.
    A government declares or proclaims official acts.
    See these examples of their use in current media.
    If you want to ask about any of these other sentences, please start a new thread. Be careful to name the source of any quoted sentence.

    The verbs have other uses; I am commenting only on their likely use in the context you have given us.
    These previous threads explain the differences in other contexts.
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