Announce the death of somebody vs declare somebody dead

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    Could you please tell me the difference between "announce the death of <somebody>" and "declare <somebody> dead"? Thank you!
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    It would be better if you gave us a sentence for each of these expressions.

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    Announcing the death of somebody is simply informing people. If the news media announces that somebody has died, there is no legal effect.

    Declaring somebody dead is a medical/legal determination. If a physician signs a death certificate, then he law takes over.
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  4. wangqh2696122 Senior Member

    I have learned a lot from your explanation. Thank you so much!
  5. pops91710

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    As sdgraham said, to declare/pronounce someone dead may be done only by one having legal authority such as a coroner or doctor. Obituaries and the like announce deaths.
    In Dallas ,Texas the doctor attending slain president JFK pronounced him dead at 1:00 pm local time. The news reporters immediately announced his death to a horrified nation.
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    My mother, a doctor, once attended a fatal road accident outside our house. She could do nothing for the driver of the crashed car.
    The police asked her if she would 'pronounce life extinct' and she duly did so.

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