Annoyed (vs. Upset / Distressed ) [My wife was (?) with me]


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I doubt in using these three words correctly! I wonder if you help me to use the most appropriate one in the blank: (My taking from every word has been written inside of the parentheses and this is why I have used the following bold words for each sentence)
My wife was....with me that I had forgotten her birthday (I need to indicate, “she became slightly angry with me”) ---> My sugggestion: annoyed

In my dictionary:
upset => means unhappy
Distressed => means very unhappy so it means very upset
Annoyed => means slightly unhappy
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    "Annoyed" is not so much unhappy, but more like bothered or slightly angered. You can be annoyed by a mosquito, but it doesn't make you "unhappy."

    "Upset" suggests a more immediate situation. Someone can be unhappy for years:

    "Her son died in an accident and she was unhappy for the rest of her life."

    "Upset" suggests that you will get over it sooner or later.

    "Distressed" is similar to upset; to my mind, it is slightly more severe.
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