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Can you please explain what is term in "annual term"?

If you plan to host a web store or other form of e-commerce business, you need to upgrade to the E-commerce plan. You get all of the same features as Pro, but you also get unlimited online store products. Premium plans offer either a monthly or an annual term.
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    The usual usage is "terms", but I expect the writer wanted to emphasise that you could subscribe for just a single month or year.

    There are at least two possible meanings, and which is meant may be described in the next sentence. It could refer to the frequency of payment (each month or once a year), or it could refer to the length of the contract (by the month or annually).


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    In many situations like this, one can pay by the month or by the year. If you pay by the year, the annual fee is probably about the same as ten or eleven monthly payments. Premium plans let you choose either one.


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    An annual term means the ability to pay for one year in advance. As Egmont says, that almost always involves getting a discount compared to the monthly plan.

    Many times though it's not a commitment to one year. If you quit early, some web hosts will recalculate your cost using the monthly rate for how many months you used and refund the difference.