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hello everybody,
I am translating a degree certificate and each exam has, after the score, the word 'annu.: 1'
And at the end there is 'annualità: 26' (there are 26 exams in all).
In this case how can I translate 'annualità'? Annuity isn't right, but then yearly course doesn't sound right either as on each line it's obviously only one.
Any suggestions?
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    According to Garzanti, annualità with reference to a university means an annual exam on a subject:

    2 esame, spec. universitario, sul corso annuale di una materia: un'annualità di fisica teorica.
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    Giorgio Spizzi

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    It must be a pretty old certificate. Now the organization has changed considerably, and so has the terminology. A one-year (discipline) is now called "annual" or "two-semester".
    Hope it helps.