Annually published corruption perceptions index

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  1. Korkay Member

    British English (England)

    I am trying to translate the following phrase into Spanish 'Annually published corruption perceptions index'.

    índice publicado anualmente de la percepción de corrupción

    This is my attempt but I'm not sure where the adjective which modifies the noun 'indice' should go.

    Is this correct???

  2. jose-carlos Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    It is correct.
    My try: "El indice de percepción de la corrupción publicado anualmente" or ""El indice de percepción de la corrupción que se publica anualmente" [I guess it is the name of an index and they publish it each year]... I mean perhaps there is more context?

    EDIT: This means :
    index is not about the corruption, but about "how much" people sense the corruption (perceive it).
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  3. Korkay Member

    British English (England)
    Thanks Jose-carlos.

    Your right it is a index which is published annually so I don't think any more context is needed. I'm gonna use what you suggested (first suggestion) it sounds perfect.


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