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I'm wondering how to say :I would like another cup of coffee (in a cafe or restaurant).
Would it be:
J'aimerais bien une autre tasse de cafe....OR
Jiaimerais bien encore une tasse de cafe


  • Isis34

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    Hello Garavak,

    First of all, we usually don't say "tasse de café" but only "un café".
    Secondly, I think the most natural way to say it would be: "Je voudrais un autre café (sil vous plaît)", but you could also use your other proposal, even if it sounds less natural to me ("Je voudrais encore un café").



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    Oups! J'avais pas vu cela! Sorry, Karine! :)
    But your remark is important: I can say phrases in a café I wouldn't use with friends (or only as a joke), whereas I can say in a café what I would use with friends.
    So you'd better learn the polite and expanded way of speaking, gavarak. ;)
    « La même chose, svp ! » is a short sentence said in order to be quickly understood by the waiter and to have your dish quicker... that's all.


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    I would say un autre café, s'il vous plaît (the s'il vous plaît is pretty well mandatory). I think garavak's suggestions are more convoluted than most people would use. Like Isis34, if I were to expand my order to a full sentence, I would use je voudrais in preference to j'aimerais.
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