another fork please (restaurant)

American English - Southern California
I'm in a Mexican restaurant and I have ordered a dessert that I want to share, the waitress brings me the dessert and only one fork. I want to ask for "another fork please", so that we can have two forks - one per person.

I have learned that if I ask "otro tenedor por favor", I may be misunderstood and the waitress will think that perhaps the fork I currently have is dirty and I want to exchange it for another.

I also know that if for example I want "more" with an uncountable noun, like coffee, I would say "más café por favor".

So how do I ask for "more" with countable nouns? forks, napkins, etc.

My attempts:
1) Necesito un tenedor más.
2) Necesito otro tenedor (para mi amiga/novia/esposa).
3) Necesito un tenedor de más.
4) ¿Me trae uno más? (pointing to the fork)

Thanks in advance.
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    My attempts:
    1) Necesito/Por favor tráigame un tenedor más.:tick:
    2) Necesito otro tenedor (para mi amiga/novia/esposa).:tick: The fact that you say "necesito" clears the whole thing.
    3) Necesito un tenedor de más.:cross: Lo que está de más (lo que sobra) no puede ser una necesidad. In any case, If you need only two forks and they bring you three, "hay uno de más".
    4) ¿Me trae uno más? (pointing to the fork):tick: (This already sound polite enough so you do not need to add "Por favor")

    Thanks in advance.
    If the fork happened to be dirty or twisted, you could say:

    - Cámbieme el/este tenedor, por favor