another kettleful of chickpeas smoking in a heap on the floor

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  1. newg

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    Hello :)

    Could you help me to translate this sentence please?
    First of all I didn't find any translation of "kettleful" so I deduced it meant "kettle full"

    So, my try :

    Une autre bouilloire pleine de pois chiches fumant dans un tas sur le sol.

    Ma phrase est vraiment du mot à mot et je doute que ça ait un sens... Du moins, ça sonne très très mal.
  2. Broff Senior Member

    a kettlefull of chickpeas means the amount of chickpeas that would fit in a kettle were now in a heap on the floor.

    un tas de pois chiches, l'équivalent d'une casserole bien remplie, fumait sur le plancher. I am not happy with my translation either but you get the idea.
  3. newg

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    London, UK
    Ohhhhh ok :)
    Thanks ! I get the idea and your translation is very good !
  4. mgarizona

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    Not quite. The -ful suffix implies a measurement based on the object to which it is attached.

    A spoonful is the amount of whatever that would fit into a spoon.
    A bucketful = what fits in a bucket.

    So, a kettleful of chickpeas is the amount of chickpeas that would fit into a kettle. Which is a large pile of chickpeas, but there is no kettle to be seen.

    Your sentence would be "Another kettle full of (or 'filled with') chickpeas etc."
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